Taking you where guanxi has never gone before.

Although we, humans, see countless people everyday, we rarely step out of our own world to exist and learn in another’s; it is as if we live in parallel worlds or in Chinese, 平行国 “píng xíng guó”. This phenomenon becomes even more magnified when multiple cultures are involved, for example the current situation in China; locals and foreign expats simultaneously exist but seldom interact. Pingo Space steps into both worlds, providing a bridge for these disparate cultures. That brings us to our name, which originates from our Chinese name, which is 平行国 “píng xíng guó.”

Founded in 2014 and based in Beijing, China, our parent company Ping Xing Shi Kong (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.’s founding team is made up of both foreigners and Chinese Nationals passionate for cultural exchange.

“平行国”app是一款老外为中国人线下会面,提供多种服务与技能的共享经济平台。 中国用户通过平台,可亲身接触到来自世界各地的老外,为自己、家人、朋友提供独特新颖,创意十足的技能分享、知识传授、服务外包、异国文化与生活方式体验。 平台上的服务和体验丰富多彩,绝不仅仅限于您能想到的——和意大利人学烹饪、约法国发型师上门给自己造型、让孩子师从伦敦西区音乐人学习音乐戏剧、订个有投行从业背景的美国外教教授自己行业英语、给自己租一个黑人保镖……


Pingonaut (noun). a member of the Pingo Space team, keeping the Pingo Space(ship) systems running smoothly

Yunkai Weng


CEO of Eite Learning and former CCTV host of “Action English” with over 13 years of experience in the education industry including New Oriental and Deloitte. He envisions pingo space to provide Chinese locals with window to the outside world. A true Beijinger, he loves all food Chinese.

Bruce Pan


Seasoned professional in online products with over a decade of experience at esteemed companies such as Nokia, Baidu and New Oriental online. Bruce dreams that the APP will help improve Chinese locals' conversational English. With his analytical mind, it is no wonder that Bruce is a worthy opponent on the Texas Hold’em table.

Sophie Su


Australian-Chinese with eight years of experience in education management and a former IELTS examiner for the British council, Sophie’s work in the creation of pingo space truly exemplifies who she is as a person, connecting the two cultures. Her passion in life is to travel to all corners of the world!

Gordon Fēng


Takes all the fantastic & fantastical pingonaut ideas into reality…well… digital reality. Gordon graduated from Tsinghua University with his PhD in Electrical Engineering and jumped right into the startup world as the Technology Director of Beijing Dream Windows Technology Co, Ltd. Grew up in the beautiful Gobi Desert of Xinjiang.

East Yán

Regional Promotion

With a background in marketing and former project manager at DT Telecommunications, he heeds superior expertise in education through the cloud platform. Born in Qufu, Shandong, the birthplace of Confucian culture, he understood from a young age the importance of cultural exchange.

Kesang Ukyab


A native Nepalese pentalingual with an International MBA from UIBE has been living abroad since the age of four, truly understanding what it means to be an expat. Kesang can be heard playing the guitar, singing and telling stories.

Dené Gabaldón

New Media

Combines her background in Psychology and New Media (MA from the Communication University of China) to promote cross-cultural understanding and connection. Born and raised in New Mexico, USA she can withstand hot temperatures, but dreams of one-day visiting Antarctica.

Andy Gao

System Architect

From Jilin Province, China, Andy is the System Architect at Pingo Space. She is excellent at building connections between people and technology with a background in R&D and experience at Sohu and Didi. When not behind her computer, find her doodling cartoons, walking outdoors or enjoying a guava drink.

Ella Zhao

Customer Service

Ella has a lot of experience with working in an environment in which foreigners and Chinese interact, catching the misunderstandings before they happen. Coming from the Northeast province of Heilongjiang Ella is no stranger to the cold, but as an owner of a tiki bar she bodes well in all temperatures.

Eugene Guo

UI Designer

He is a designer inside and out. From re-furbishing furniture to painting to creating cakes, his unique perspective shines through. He has experienced how art can bring people together thus feels the desire for connecting culturally different people through their shared interests.

Tilly Zhang


She not only translates the language but also the cultural context. Her passion for creating understanding between foreigners and Chinese locals is evident in her daily work at pingo space. In university she was the Japanese idol group AKB48 cosplay club leader!

Kate O'Farrell

Education Specialist

Thousands of people from all over the world trace their heritage back to Kate’s home country of Ireland making her ultra-aware of the joys of identifying cultural differences, as well as, recognizing the similarities. She is very well rounded, with degrees in Social Studies, Animation and Education, and has a gift for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Tess Fairbanks


As a former English teacher, Tess’ out-going personality and love of Beijing is sure to promote meaningful connections with locals and expats. Born in Mississippi, USA and a graduate of Rhodes College, she is tie-dying expert!

Martha Walch

Travel at Home

With a degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management, she currently lives in the oldest area of Beijing, the Hutongs. She is passionate about helping people “travel at home.” You can find her playing mahjong and eating ma la tang!

Carol Liu

Project Manager

Calling England, China and North Carolina home, Carol embodies multi-culture. She has a degree in Biology from MIT, but is known not only for her brain; she was on MIT’s rowing team and has currently taken up lacrosse. When asked for a fun fact about herself, she casually replied, “In Tibet, I rode a yak by the highest altitude salt lake in the world.”

William Galipeau

Multimedia Specialist

William has traveled far from his hometown of Montreal to over 20 countries and has studied in Canada, Spain and China, allowing him to experience the different ways people approach learning. He applies this experience at Pingo Space through graphic design, video editing and even getting dressed up as our Astronaut mascot. He is ranked globally in chess and loves sushi.

Kirk Chen

iOS Engineer

His cheerful personality is contagious, and it’s no surprise that he has an educational background in HR. From HR to engineering, this Anhui native is a self-taught coder! Full of surprises, he might just be the best-dressed pingonaut.

Pablo Ignacio


Originally from Chile, Pablo has a background in International Relations. He has previous experience organizing events and conferences for Chilean governmental organizations. He is an avid kickboxer and fútbol player. In his spare time, he reads history, philosophy and astrology.

Naomi Miao

Customer Service

Her bilingual experience is invaluable to the customer service team. Originally from Henan, Naomi spent 7 years in Canada and studied business administration at Canada Douglas College. She loves experimenting with beautifying her dog, and even gives him haircuts at home!.

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