Taking you where guanxi has never gone before.

Founded in 2015 and based in Beijing, China, our parent company Ping Xing Shi Kong (Beijing) Technology Co,Ltd. connects Chinese locals with foreigners on its O2O (online to offline) platform. With foreign profiles from all over the world the variety of offered services is endless. The founding team is made up of both foreign and Chinese Nationals with world-class customer service and a growing community of users. The company has a diversified business model with investment coming from Michael Yu, “The Godfather of Education” (Founder of New Oriental NYSE:EDU”). Ping Xing Shi Kong (Beijing) Technology Co,Ltd. fulfills the need of the Chinese clientele to connect with foreigners and their skillsets, as well as to be a bigger part of the ever-increasing globalized world; it is also the easiest way for foreigners to monetize their skillset and showcase their brand in China.

平行国的母公司平行时空(北京)科技有限公司,于2015年成立于北京,由来自中国、美国、英国、澳大利亚、智利、加拿大、尼泊尔……等世界各国的国际团队组成。集世界之大成,将国际化与本土化融会贯通。。 平行国平台通过共享经济模式,为中国用户与老外建立紧密的联系,老外通过平台为中国用户提供技能课程服务,中国用户在线上随意筛选, 线下享其服务。 适应全球化风潮,自信地行走世界、做世界公民,国际化从你开始!

Yunkai Weng


CEO of Eite Learning and former CCTV host of “Action English” with over 13 years of experience in the education industry including New Oriental and Deloitte. He envisions pingo space to provide Chinese locals with window to the outside world. A true Beijinger, he loves all food Chinese.

Bruce Pan


Seasoned professional in online products with over a decade of experience at esteemed companies such as Nokia, Baidu and New Oriental online. Bruce dreams that the APP will help improve Chinese locals' conversational English. With his analytical mind, it is no wonder that Bruce is a worthy opponent on the Texas Hold’em table.

Sophie Su


Australian-Chinese with eight years of experience in education management and a former IELTS examiner for the British council, Sophie’s work in the creation of pingo space truly exemplifies who she is as a person, connecting the two cultures. Her passion in life is to travel to all corners of the world!

Gordon Fēng


Takes all the fantastic & fantastical pingonaut ideas into reality…well… digital reality. Gordon graduated from Tsinghua University with his PhD in Electrical Engineering and jumped right into the startup world as the Technology Director of Beijing Dream Windows Technology Co, Ltd. Grew up in the beautiful Gobi Desert of Xinjiang.

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